There's nothing better than helping someone accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. As a Festival Friend, that's exactly what you get to do through CityFest.

In order to be able to participate as a Festival Friend you need to complete the online training and register. You can do this through the many live training events that will take place around the region in the days and weeks leading up to CityFest, or you can complete the training online. Simply watch the videos below and register after viewing.


VIDEO 1 - Reafirmando Tu Llamado



VIDEO 2 - El Poder del Modelo del Festival



VIDEO 3 - Como aconsejar en el Festival



VIDEO 4 - Teniendo La Conversación


Now that you've finished training, let us know by clicking the button below to register. Be sure and also review the Festival Friend Training Guide. You can download it <<here>>.