ANNOUNCE how your church will promote or host a Festival Friend Training. This training prepares an individual to talk with someone who made a decision for Christ at the festival. Festival Friends are key to connect new believers to the local church.


  • Attend a live training. There are numerous opportunities throughout East Texas listed on the calendar page.

  • Watch Festival Friend Training videos online at

  • Do it yourself. Train your own congregations by using one of these two options:

  1. Show video 3 from and have your members register online.

  2. Watch all 5 videos and train your members yourself. Have attendees register online at Festival Friends Trainings may be held during specially scheduled training nights or regularly scheduled gatherings such as regular services, small groups, Sunday classes, midweek gatherings, youth events, etc.

JOIN churches across East Texas on this Sunday in financially supporting the festival by taking an offering. Some churches are choosing to do this in addition to or instead of a gift from their general or outreach budgets.